Hello. I have been a web developer since 1997. I'm currently freelance.
If you are a small business, agency or simply a personal customer needing some bespoke work then I may well be able to help you.


Primarily PHP7 frameworks and content management systems. WordPress (including custom plugins), Laravel (5.1—5.4) and Drupal (I'm an Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder). Also: FuelPHP, PyroCMS and Codeigniter.

Linux web servers:

installation, configuration (manual and automated), performance tuning, security. Debian and Ubuntu specialist. I can advise on data centre choice and manage servers for a number of clients.

Front-end work:

HTML5, CSS, jQuery, responsive design.

Other key skills:

LAMP/LEMP (Nginx), Linode, AWS, TLS/SSL, Git, Composer, Ansible, DNS, IPv6, e-commerce, audio, bulk/custom email.

Past/Present Clients:

Greenpeace Energydesk, Mark Pack, Code For The People, (leading WordPress agency who are now part of Automattic). Launching Ampp3d and UsVsTh3m with Emblem Digital / Trinity Mirror. A mix of ongoing Laravel, PyroCMS and advanced WordPress projects for Ascender Design. Rebuilt and optimised martinbelam.com. Live audio streaming with Sportsline Media for Lord's Cricket Ground since 2014. (I previously worked at CricInfo.) Websites for Hils Barker, ACMS, Nadia Kamil, PHDi and Pr1ntingbynet. Charities: Kent and Canterbury League of Friends.

I care about:

making websites that load quickly, work equally well on mobile and desktop and which are simple to use (and easy ot update). I'm committed to web standards and continuing to learn new skills. I aim to document code thoroughly in a way that will benefit whoever maintains it in future, whether me or someone else.


If priced according to duration, daily rate of £400, hourly £50 (either way you only pay for the actual time taken). Often we can divide the project into stages or features with an estimate or quote for each. Payment terms 7 days unless by arrangement. You are welcome to enquire about small jobs.


Hosting is complex and having a high quality server and full control of it significantly speeds up development (and supports best practices such as version control). I usually arrange hosting for all sites, meaning I can precisely tune the performance of the site and add proper security, backups and automated monitoring, all of which I can implement more quickly working from a proven setup. This means you have me as a single point of contact for faults so you do not need to deal with separate hosting companies or data centres.

Code/copyright etc:

There's no requirement (or request) from me to credit me on your site. Often it will use open source software, under various licenses. Sometimes sites will require a subscription to one or more third party services. For all projects, you can have the full source code (typically in the form of a 'Git' repository), so if you need to migrate or rebuild the site in future you can hand it to another developer. This serves as a step-by-step history of changes to the project, additional to the in-code documentation.

Please get in touch if you need a quote or just some advice – I'll reply as soon as I can.


Blog (since 2016)How an IDE can help you (March 2015, 2,000 words)How we built Ampp3d (June 2014. 17,500 words)

Updated 10 November 2017