Updated 15 July 2022

Hello. I have been a web developer since 1997 and have 17 years of PHP experience. I work freelance. If you are an individual, small business or agency needing some bespoke work then I may well be able to help you.


  • Laravel 8 – my absolute favourite PHP framework.
  • For content management, Drupal 7-9 (I'm an Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder).
  • I also develop/maintain WordPress sites and plugins.

Linux web servers:

installation and configuration, performance tuning, security, monitoring. Debian and Ubuntu specialist. I remotely manage servers for clients and can advise on configuration and data centre choice.

Front-end work:

HTML5, CSS: SASS, responsive design, simple BEM and utility first (TailwindCSS), javascript: jQuery, Gulp.js, Twig/Blade templating, JSON-LD and microformats.

Other key skills:

LEMP, Nginx, Database Administration (MySQL and MariaDB), TLS/SSL/LetsEncrypt, DNS, IPv6 basics, audio, transactional email, photo editing, Memcached/Redis.

API experience, including:

Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Wikipedia, Twitter (tweets and ads).

Tools I like:

Vim, macOS, PhpStorm, Git, Composer, Ansible, Sequel Ace, Linode, AWS, Adobe Lightroom, Multimarkdown, NVAlt/Ultra, Taskpaper, Dash, Toggl, Trello, Omnifocus.

Things I used to work with: FuelPHP, PyroCMS, Codeigniter.

Past and present clients include:

I care about:

fast, well-configured servers, pages that load quickly, easy to use, simple to update websites that work equally well on mobile and desktop, web standards and learning new skills, documenting code thoroughly for the benefit of whoever maintains it in future.


My hourly rate for new customers is £60 (or roughly £400 per day, given I only ever charge for the actual time spent on your project). Estimates/quotes available for more structured projects. Feel free to ask about small jobs: the sooner you do, the greater likelihood I can fit them in.


Hosting is complex. Having full control of an inexpensive, high quality Linux server significantly speeds up development and allows me to use a number of best practices. I usually arrange hosting for my clients. This way I can precisely tune the performance of the website and the software running it, and your data will be secure and separated from other customers. I also organise backups and automated monitoring. Plus you have me as a single point of contact for faults so you do not need to deal with separate hosting companies or data centres. I configure web servers from scratch using automation, which saves time, and allows us to move hosting providers more easily if needed.


(fr) Bienvenue!

Vous êtes un entreprise anglais et vous avez (ou besoin) un site web français? Je suis apprendre le français, puis-je vous aider?

Legal / Contractual things:

  • I don't require/request a named credit on sites I build.
  • I don't have any exit fees, other than unpaid charges or hosting.
  • I'll sign your NDA, but tell me a little about your project first.
  • Source code available for projects (typically a 'Git' repository), so you can hand the site and it's documented history to another developer.
  • I do not charge VAT.
  • Payment terms 7 days or by arrangement.

Please get in touch if you need any advice or would like to be added to my waiting list.