Hello! I'm a web designer/developer (with the emphasis on the latter) working for clients and agencies — anything from helping solve a specific problem for a few hours to building an entire website or application from scratch.

I'm good at: HTML5, CSS3, javascript and jQuery, Codeigniter, FuelPHP, PyroCMS, Wordpress, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/MongoDB, DNS, streaming, APIs incl. Twitter and Stripe, Amazon S3, RSS, microformats and HTML email.

Most recently I've: worked with Emblem Digital (on their new projects for Trinity Mirror, Ampp3d and previously the launch of UsVsTh3m), with Ascender Design, audio streaming for Lord's, websites for Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Hils Barker, Nadia Kamil, PHDi and Pr1ntingbynet, two novelty Twitter projects and a new version of the kern.js tool.

I care about: web standards, responsive design, typography, high performance, reliability and making things easy to use.

Although the internet is (still) changing quickly, I've over 15 years experience and invest considerable time keeping my skills up to date.

Please do get in touch if you need a quote or just general advice - I'll usually reply within a few hours.

April 2014: Available - short waiting list.
Please email with details of your project.