Hello. I freelance for individuals clients, small businesses and agencies. I've been a web developer since 1998.


PHP (especially Laravel, FuelPHP, WordPress, PyroCMS, Codeigniter.) Also general server configuration.

Front-end work:

Plenty of HTML5, CSS and jQuery. I'm not a designer, but I work with them.

Other key skills:

Nginx (and Apache), MySQL, AWS, Linux, Linode, DNS, ecommerce, TLS/SSL, IPv6, audio, email handling.

Recent clients:

WordPress sites for Greenpeace Energydesk and Mark Pack – working with Code For The People (now part of Automattic). Launching Ampp3d and UsVsTh3m with Emblem Digital / Trinity Mirror. Ongoing Laravel, PyroCMS and WordPress projects for Ascender Design. Rebuilt and optimised martinbelam.com. Live audio streaming for Lord's Cricket Ground for a decade (many years ago I worked at CricInfo).

Other work:

Websites for ACMS, Hils Barker, Nadia Kamil, PHDi and Pr1ntingbynet. Charities: Kent and Canterbury League of Friends. Twitter projects: @andiebarometer and @faultybigben.

I manage Linux web servers for a number of clients, handling performance optimisation and security updates.

I care about:

web standards, responsive design, making pages load quickly, documenting code, measuring it's quality/complexity (whether PHP, javascript or CSS) and refactoring often, making websites that are simple to use and continuing to learn new things.

Written by me:

How an IDE can help you (March 2015, 2,000 words)How we built Ampp3d (June 2014. 17,500 words)


I like to be open about pricing. My current (maximum) daily rate is £360, but this varies, as does project complexity/length. If you can describe exactly what you want, or we can split the job into stages ("sprints") I'll happily provide a more precise quote. I'm willing to take on smaller jobs if I have time (please ask).

I always arrange web hosting too – websites are complicated and having full control of the server environment makes a significant difference to the speed I can work and the performance, security and reliability of the site, plus it means less for you to worry about.

Please get in touch if you need a quote or just some advice – I'll reply as soon as I can.

Work with me –
available for new projects until January 2016.
I'm also available to help over the
Christmas/New Year period.

Updated 19 November 2015