Hello. I freelance for a variety of individual clients, small businesses and web agencies.

I'm good at: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery, WordPress, FuelPHP, PyroCMS, CodeIgniter, Linux, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Linode, DNS, security (TLS/SSL), audio streaming and email.

Most recently: I've been doing a little work with specialist WordPress agency Code For The People, I built Ampp3d (helping Emblem Digital and Trinity Mirror launch both that and UsVsTh3m). I've completed CMS and hosting projects for Ascender Design, rebuilt martinbelam.com, provided the Lord's Cricket Ground audio streaming for a decade, and made websites for ACMS, Hils Barker, Full Point, PHDi, Pr1ntingbynet and two novelty Twitter projects.

I care about: web standards, responsive design, typography, high performance, reliability, code quality and making things easy to use.

I have over fifteen years' experience and invest a lot of time keeping my skills up to date.

How much? As always, "it depends", and I have different rates. But for guidance, my typical daily rate for new clients is £360. Frequently I'll quote based on project and I'll certainly undertake smaller jobs if time permits. There may be extras (servers, domains, stock imagery, webfonts etc.) and I can offer an inclusive price for these if preferred.

Please get in touch if you need a quote or just some advice – I'll reply as soon as I can.

Fully booked until mid-Feb 2015, enquiries still welcome
(updated Fri 23 Jan 2014)