Hello. I freelance for a variety of individual clients, small businesses and web agencies. I've been a web developer since 1998.


PHP: WordPress, PyroCMS. Frameworks: e.g. Laravel, FuelPHP, Codeigniter. Web server configuration.

Front-end work:

Plenty of HTML5, CSS3, javascript and jQuery. I'm not a designer, but I often work with them.

Other skills:

Nginx (and Apache), MySQL (and MongoDB), AWS, Linux, Linode, DNS, ecommerce, TLS/SSL, IPv6, audio, email handling.

Recent clients:

Working with Code For The People (now part of Automattic) on WordPress projects for Greenpeace Energydesk and Mark Pack. I launched Ampp3d and UsVsTh3m with Emblem Digital / Trinity Mirror. I've delivered WordPress and PyroCMS projects for Ascender Design, rebuilt and optimised martinbelam.com and provided Lord's Cricket Ground audio streaming for a decade. I've also built websites for ACMS, Hils Barker, Nadia Kamil, PHDi and Pr1ntingbynet.

Other work:

Charity website: Kent and Canterbury League of Friends.

Twitter side project for friends: @andiebarometer and @faultybigben.

I care about:

web standards, responsive design, making pages load quickly, documenting code, measuring it's quality/complexity (whether PHP, javascript or CSS) and refactoring often, making websites that are simple to use and continuing to learn new things.

Written by me:

How an IDE can help you (March 2015, 2,000 words)How we built Ampp3d (June 2014. 17,500 words)


I like to be open about pricing. My typical daily rate is £360. As project length can vary tremendously, wherever possible I'll quote for a tangible thing. It's also best to quote for work in small stages (or “sprints” as we call them) rather than trying to estimate it all at once. I'm willing to undertake smaller jobs if time permits.

I nearly always provide web hosting or will recommend a supplier – having full control of the server environment means I can work better and faster and there isn't an uncertainty over whether your site will work properly when it goes live.

Please get in touch if you need a quote or just some advice – I'll reply as soon as I can.

Work with me –
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Updated 30 July 2015